Celebrate Small Wins

Don’t limit celebration moments to the mountain-top experiences in life. To complete today’s Small Wins challenge, try one of the recommended actions or something like it. Then check the box at the bottom of the page.

Ways to keep it quick and easy

Think of a few things you’ve done this week (or even so far this day!) You may have accomplished more than you know. No matter how big or small, find easy ways to acknowledge and enjoy what you’ve achieved!

Give yourself a high five for something you did.

Enjoy a little break after you finish a task.

Do a super-quick task and celebrate when it’s done.

Write yourself a note of encouragement.

Share a success with someone who’ll be happy for you.

Why does this work?

When we celebrate, it sends a message to our brains that says, “That was fun!” It helps us want to do those actions again. The more we repeat them – and feel good about them – the more likely we are to do more. The more we build up our own mental health, the more we are able to support one another.

Watch Stanford research scholar Steven Crane explain why celebration is so good for us.