Compliment Someone

Let someone know you notice and admire their skills! To complete today’s Compliment Someone challenge, try one of the recommended actions or something like it. Then check the box at the bottom of the page.

Ways to keep it quick and easy

Our lives are made richer by the people around us. Even when we don’t know someone’s name, we can share a pleasant greeting and a smile. Maybe even a compliment! Next time you pass a service or security worker, say hello or offer a compliment! Example: “We’re so lucky you’re here today. You know you keep this place going, right?”

Compliment great service by leaving an online review.

Brighten someone’s day with a friendly call-out.

Congratulate someone for doing a great job.

Tell someone two good things you notice about them.

Compliment someone who makes their space inviting.

Why does this work?

Most everyone likes to be noticed. By noticing others’ helpfulness, positive traits, and skills, we grow our gratitude and connection.

Hear more about the science of thanks from Stanford research scholar Steven Michael Crane.