How Sunny Works

Social well-being can be strengthened through learnable skills. Sunny inspires us to nurture our connections through a practice of fun daily actions. Discover the benefits you didn’t know you were missing.

Start with what’s proven and easy

Sunny is your digital guide for growing a daily practice of kindness and connection. Research shows that even small moments of positive social engagement boost our happiness. Our team of behavior science experts have researched proven actions that anyone can do to build a more connected life.

Sunny actions create a path to social well-being

We’re all better together. Research shows that tiny actions form the building blocks of meaningful and lasting relationships. As we feel more socially successful, we are better able to give and receive support. Dive in and try some fun and easy actions to help brighten the day for you and those around you.

Discover the power of one simple action a day

Start by adding one Sunny action to your daily routine. Then explore and experiment. Like other Sunny-adopters, you may discover the power and joy of strengthening your social ties with small, intentional shifts in how you connect and stay in touch.

The ripple effect of Sunny Money

The Sunny app prompts you with simple ideas to bring more meaningful social outreach to your days. When you turn those ideas into action you generate Sunny Money, a virtual currency representing all the actions you and others log in the app. When we complete milestones together, Sunny makes a donation to community nonprofits. As a result, every Sunny action helps you, people you know, and even people you don’t!

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