Sunny Money – Multiply Your Impact!

Sunny creates a tangible way to turn the ripple effect of small acts of kindness into greater impact by converting every action logged on the Sunny app into “Sunny Money” — a virtual currency that will trigger donations of up to $1 million to nonprofits helping people in need.

How is Sunny Money created Every action you complete in the Sunny app generates a Sunny Coin. One action = 10 cents.

How does Sunny Money become real money? When we all log our actions in the app, Sunny Money accumulates – building up to $1 million dollars in a series of real donations.

Where does the money go? The money is donated to United Way. They work with their local partner agencies to ensure these donations are directly made to those with a demonstrated need.

What is the money used for? Sunny Money donations help individuals and families struggling to meet life’s basic needs, including food, medicine, housing, transportation, and childcare.

Join the Sunny movement to power human kindness! Together, we can make the world a better place.

From all of us in the Sunny community, thank you for your kindness, your caring, your generosity, and your willingness to take time to help yourself and others!