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Our challenges are developed by a team of experts. You’ll find actions that are fun and surprisingly easy to do, boosting your sense of connection, belonging, and happiness. A challenge offers the quickest path to see what Sunny actions can do for you and people around you. The week-long focus makes it easier to notice how these tiny actions lead to big changes, like a happier outlook or stronger sense of belonging.

  • Challenges offer action ideas that can be done in five minutes or less, whether in person or from home. Check out the helpful videos and added resources to get the most out of your challenges.
  • The weekly challenge starts every Monday morning. Complete five simple challenge actions within seven days. Each week, see if you can mark all 5 actions as complete. We’d love to hear your learnings on our social channels. The checklist and pages will reset to incomplete every Sunday at midnight central time.
  • You can sign up below to receive a daily reminder email. We encourage you to share — and celebrate — your successes, which also helps you remember to do them. You can, and are encouraged to, come back and repeat the challenge as often as you’d like! We’ll be adding new ideas as we go.

Challenge of the Week

Explore fun and easy ways to infuse each day of the week with social well-being.
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Day 1

Thank someone

Day 2

Compliment someone

Day 3

Surprise someone

Day 4

Reconnect with someone

Day 5

Celebrate small wins