3 easy ways to give a public shout-out

A genuine compliment or a word of appreciation has a lot of power. Think about the last time you felt down, unmotivated, or discouraged. When someone acknowledged you or your work – even with a smile – you probably felt afloat on a cloud of praise.

Now double that effect if the praise happens with others around. No matter how small the micro-moment feels to the giver, it can boost confidence and renew motivation for the receiver. So here are a few ways to put your praise into action.

Give heartfelt compliments often. If you enjoyed your waiter’s service, let him know. Then tell his supervisor to amplify the sentiment.

Smiles are a fantastic superpower. So tune in to people you see during your day who may need the sunshine of your smile. Watch how their smile could be the one to pay it forward.

Positive feedback is a confidence booster. And when that feedback is delivered in public, the recipient will feel the intended magnification.