3 kindness ideas for your day

Opportunities to share acts of kindness are literally all around you. Whenever and wherever the mood strikes to spread a little joy, you’ll find people buoyed by your good intentions. Here are a few ideas from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Text someone good morning. It’s wonderful to know someone is thinking about you. What’s better than starting someone’s day with a warm greeting or a spontaneous word of support and encouragement.

Create your own bookmarks and donate them to a library. A simple reminder to be kind is sometimes all it takes to incite a kind act. Be creative! Cut cardstock into strips and decorate with drawings, designs, or your favorite quote. 

Ask a senior about their past. Experience brings wisdom. Older people often have some of the best anecdotes and give great advice – ask someone to share their story. Whether it’s a grandparent or someone you just met, there is a lot to learn from previous generations.

Source: Random Acts of Kindness Foundation