6 people you could say thanks to

Gratitude, in part, is about recognizing there are people all around you who can be acknowledged and thanked.

  1. A parent or older relative: Send a note thanking them for their effort and support.
  2. Your sanitation truck driver: Tape a thank-you card or note to the lid of your trash can if your trash is picked up by hand.
  3. Your co-worker: Leave an appreciative sticky note on their desk or at their station.
  4. Your pet: Throw a ball in the park, share a tasty treat, or just give them a nice long scratch behind the ears. Tell them out loud what makes you grateful to have them.
  5. A perfect stranger: When someone thanks you, say more than “no problem.” Add a short sentence about how you feel, like “It was my pleasure.” And smile.
  6. Yourself: Pat yourself on the back (or get yourself a treat) for something you did that was kind or difficult or took a long time. You deserve appreciation too!