Playful activities grownups can borrow from kids

Finding ways to put playfulness and fun into our adult relationships can sometimes mean turning back the clock. Remember as a kid how the first day of summer vacation felt? Make a list of all the activities that spark lightheartedness. If you’re stuck, here’s a list from Love to Know that might spark some ideas.

  • Plan a movie night. Don’t forget the popcorn to make it feel special!
  • Bake cookies together. Flip a coin for who gets to pick their favorite recipe.
  • Play a board game to bring out the inner child/cheater in each other.
  • Take a walk together. One person gets to pick the route each time.
  • Watch a sunset and share the best part of the day with each other.
  • Make a craft project or build a model. Nothing brings out the kid in us like popsicle sticks and glue.