Reconnect With Someone

Start with a simple message, keep expectations low, and focus on reconnecting with fun and friendliness. To complete today’s Reconnect challenge, try one of the recommended actions or something like it. Then check the box at the bottom of the page.

Ways to keep it quick and easy

If uncertainty keeps you from reaching out, start with something tried and true. Humor, shared memories, or an offer to help are almost always received warmly.

Send a funny GIF to someone to recall a fun time.

Check in on someone to say “I’m rooting for you.”

Send a photo of a shared memory that makes you smile.

Send a friendly hello to someone you haven’t messaged in a while.

Invite someone from your past to get together.

What if it’s not so simple?

Some people reconnect to build a bridge to forgiveness. It’s okay to take that first step without expecting more. Sending one good thought may be the start of something good over time.

Why does this work?

We all have a basic need to be in connection with others. Knowing that someone has interest in us over time, enhances our sense of belonging and support.

Hear more about the science of reconnecting from research scholar Steven Crane.