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Through positive psychology and behavioral science, Sunny shares learnable skills and practices for boosting social well-being. Explore a collection of articles, tips, and videos organized by theme.

Say thanks

Gratitude is key to our emotional well-being. When we express it to one another, both people experience the benefits. Explore research-backed tools for developing an attitude of gratitude.

Encourage someone

Others receive an emotional boost when you express support, gratitude, and optimism. You do, too! Learn more ways to encourage those around you, even just by offering a listening ear.

Check on someone

Be in touch with those you care about. Check-ins help people know they are on your mind. See how making tiny connections increase the sense of support you both feel.

Say hello

We are co-creators in building a community where everyone feels welcome. It starts with simple greetings – both given and received.

Have fun

Having joyful experiences with others can enrich our relationships. Explore the science while learning some practical ways infuse delight into your life.

Lend a hand

Giving your time, energy, or sharing what you have – no matter how much – is a tangible way to show you care. Helping others can also help you build social skills and make new friends.

Take care of you

When we take care of our own needs in a healthy way, we are better able to give our time, energy, and compassion to others. Explore methods for nurturing our own physical and emotional well-being.