Surprise Someone

Take a moment to break up the routine with an unexpected smile. To complete today’s Encourage Someone challenge, try one of the recommended actions or something like it. Then check the box at the bottom of the page.

Ways to keep it quick and easy

Surprise someone with a fun picture, sticker, or gif. Send a co-worker with a little token of appreciation. List three people who might appreciate a word of support, gratitude, or optimism from you, then choose one to encourage.

Give a fun treat to someone you appreciate.

Send a little surprise for someone to find.

Do something fun and unexpected.

Encourage someone who could use a boost.

Give someone a small gift they’ll like.

Why does this work

Our brains crave novelty, and we want to know we belong. Surprising someone with an encouraging thought or a shared smile tells our brains that we’re connected in a good way.

Hear more about the science of happy surprises from Stanford research scholar Steven Michael Crane.