Why sharing makes us feel good

We’re taught from an early age to equate sharing with caring. However, as we mature, we learn that sharing is a behavior that serves us well throughout our lifetime. Sharing can benefit us personally, financially, and even environmentally. Here are some ways we are all better off when we share.

When we share ourselves socially, we are better able to:

  • Interact with neighbors
  • Make friends
  • Find resources more easily
  • Meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities

Sharing is also good for the environment when it:

  • Provides efficient use of energy, space, and natural resources
  • Reduces consumption
  • Shrinks our carbon footprint

Sharing is a money saver when we:

  • Reduce the cost of childcare
  • Disperse the cost of owning high-quality goods
  • Share home ownership and build equity

Source: Nolo