Why volunteering is good for you

The surprising physical and mental benefits of helping others
Meaningful work doesn’t have to come with a paycheck. Volunteering allows you to help those who need it most. It can improve lives in immediate and long-term ways. For many, making a difference is itself a form of compensation.Helping others helps you, too. It can help you make friends and learn new skills. It can advance your career, and make you feel happier and healthier. It can even improve your mental and physical health.There are many ways to offer your skills without a major time commitment. Volunteering even a few hours every so often is good for your health. It can combat depression and give you a sense of purpose, according to Help Guide, a nonprofit resource for mental health and well-being.
Helping others has many benefits for the volunteer, including:

  • Making new friends and contacts;
  • Improved social skills and self-confidence;
  • Sense of purpose;
  • Improved happiness;
  • Improved physical health; and
  • Relief of stress and anxiety.

“Volunteering reduces stress and increases positive, rel